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Viagra Side Effects and Precautions To Be Aware Of

Viagra is medication that is used in the treatment of impotency or erectile dysfunction. Despite its effectiveness, the medication has some side effects that you should be aware of. You should first undergo proper medical examination so that the doctor can determine whether or not Viagra is the right medication to treat the problem that you are suffering from.

The side effects of Viagra are very money. They vary in intensity, severity and form from one person to the other.

Some side effects such as irregular, slow or fast heartbeat, short term loss of memory, seizures, partial or complete loss of vision are unusual and need immediate attention. If you experience any of them, you should consult a doctor immediately. If you experience unusually prolonged erection you should also consult a doctor. Precautions

Even when it is prescribed to treat a condition in which it is indicated for treatment, precautions should be exercised when you are taking Viagra.

First, you should not take this medication if you suffer from any condition of the heart. Sexual activity puts a lot of straining on your heart. Viagra tends to increase the blood flow in to the penis and the heart is used to pump that blood.

If the heart is weak, it may lead to some other serious and life threatening problems. If you experience chest pain, fainting, severe dizziness or other feeling that signals improper functioning or problem of the heart, you should stop sex immediately.

NEVER take Viagra is you are taking some other drugs that are referred to as nitrates. Nitrates are mostly prescribed for the treatment of chest pains. Taking nitrates together with Viagra can cause life threatening fall of blood pressure.

You should ensure that you inform your doctor of all the other medications that you may be taking. There are also some other drugs that can interact with Viagra to cause serious and life threatening side effects.

In addition to the foregoing, there are many side effects and precautions that you need to know as a patient. You should ensure that you ask your pharmacist for clarification on any detail or information that you may want to know about this drug.

The above are not all the precautions that should be exercised before you take Viagra. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, do not begin taking this medication straight away. Although it may work well in helping you attain and maintaining the erection required for sexual activity, it can pose some serious other health problems or cause death. So, you should consult a doctor first before you take Viagra.

If these precautions are exercised and viagra is taken in the proper manner as recommended and advised by the doctor, it will help you get rid of the embarrassment in the bedroom because it will cause erection that is sufficient for sexual activity. please check this source for additional information buy viagra online please check this source for additional information cheap cialis

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